Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is one of those dental procedures that all patients dread – but it is important to understand that in some cases, it becomes inevitable. Some of the most common reasons why surgeons remove teeth from oral cavities include irreparable vertical fractures, structural destruction due to caries (tooth decay), to gain extra space for orthodontic treatments, impaction of wisdom teeth, diseases of the underlying jaw bone, advanced stage gingival infections etc.

However, as scary as it sounds, the experts at Dr Viken Garabedian DDS go the extra mile to make sure dental extraction is a completely pain-free, comfortable and pleasant experience for you. We use highly efficient techniques, sterilized tools, and methods that promote swift healing, infection prevention, and bleeding control. With us, tooth removal is going to feel like a breeze – and you’ll be back to your normal routine in no time. We also offer the best tooth replacement services to fill the empty socket in your mouth after extraction – this will help restore dental function and smile aesthetics. We perform all our extractions based on radiographic findings to make sure the adjoining teeth and soft tissues do not get harmed in the process. To learn more about sedation options for extraction, book an appointment with our team today!