Teeth Whitening

Viken Garabedian DDS - Laguna Niguel Dentist - Teeth Whitening

There is a reason why teeth whitening, or dental bleaching, is currently the most popular treatment in cosmetic dentistry around the world today. It brightens a dull, pale smile and make it much whiter and aesthetically appealing than before in a single dental sitting. The results are apparent soon as the treatment is over, and with the right maintenance, can last for months at a stretch.

During in-office teeth whitening, we use a peroxide-based gel to break down tough stains present on your teeth that make them appear discolored. After creating a barrier between the gums and the teeth, we coat the teeth with an even layer of the whitening gel, and then activate it with the help of a dental torch, or laser. This can be done in two or three cycles of 15-20 minutes each depending upon the extent of staining present on the teeth. The results become evident instantaneously when the procedure is over and you can walk out of the clinic with a brand new, visibly brighter smile. Some patients may experience mild sensitivity following the bleaching, but it is temporary and easily treatable. You can also get at-home whitening kits from our team at Dr Viken Garabadian DDS to brighten your smile in the comfort of your house. The treatment is completely safe, highly effective against staining and discoloration, non-invasive, and painless.