Root Canal

Viken Garabedian DDS - Laguna Niguel Dentist - Root Canal

A root canal is a special kind of filling meant for the root portion of your teeth, not the crown. Usually, when bacteria infect a tooth, they cause lesions of decay that can be seen on the enamel and dentin. These can be restored with the help of normal tooth-colored filling materials. However, if these lesions are left untreated for a longer time, the bacteria proceeds to invade and infect the third and innermost layer of the tooth – the pulp. The pulp is soft matter hidden within the chambers of the root; it contains blood vessels and nerves that innervate and nourish the tooth. When the pulp gets infected, normal fillings cannot be used, and the only way to save this tooth is with a Root Canal Treatment.

During the procedure, specialized endodontic files are used to completely remove the soft pulp from their canals. Anesthesia is used for this treatment to make sure the patient does not feel any pain or sensitivity. The canals are thoroughly cleaned and shaped, and are finally filled with an inert rubber-like material. Teeth that undergo root canal treatments usually have compromised structure due to decay, and it is therefore important to cover them with crowns once the procedure has been complete. Crowns not only restore the function and aesthetics of these teeth, but also prevent them from further damage. Book an appointment with Dr Viken Garabedian to learn more about RCTs!