Viken Garabedian DDS - Laguna Niguel Dentist - Fillings

Tooth decay is something that most of us have to deal with at some point during our lives – but fortunately, gone are the days when silver fillings were the only treatment available. At Dr Viken Garabedian DDS we use the finest, most resilient, top-of-the-line tooth colored and metal-free restorative materials to make sure your teeth look and feel 100% natural even after the fillings! Currently, the material of choice for leading cosmetic and restorative dental surgeons around the world is Composite. Dental composites are strong, and therefore can be used to restore both, anterior and posterior teeth, and they can be matched to the exact shade of your natural teeth for outstanding aesthetics.

Many people visit us when they see a dark brown spot on their teeth, but it is important to remember that caries manifests as a very white lesion at its initial stage. The sooner we detect caries, the better we can treat it. During the procedure, we first remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then proceed to filling the cavity with composites. Depending upon the size of the decay, you can expect to get done within minutes! Anesthesia is administered at the beginning of the treatment to ensure a painless, comfortable experience for patients.