Dental Implants

Viken Garabedian DDS - Laguna Niguel Dentist - Dental Implants

If you’re looking for the best replacement for a missing natural tooth in terms of functionality and aesthetics, then a dental implant is the perfect solution for you. The surgery offers replacement of a single missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth in the upper and lower arches, complete smile rehabilitation, as well as denture support for edentulous patients.

At Dr Viken Garabedian DDS, our team is comprised of some of the brightest, most qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of implantology. From initial consultation to treatment planning, sedation administration to single-day implant services – we do it all. To ensure the success of your implant surgery, we carefully study the density jaw bone, as well as other factors that can, in any possible way, affect the procedure. Rest assured that you are being treated by some of the best dentists in your city, and that you’ll be able to speak, eat and smile more confidently than ever before when we’re done with the surgery. There are a number of drawbacks associated with not replacing missing teeth and we’re here to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding the procedure. Simply give us a call, or book an appointment at the clinic today!