Dental Crowns

Viken Garabedian DDS - Laguna Niguel Dentist - Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are commonly known as caps, and are meant to restore the function and aesthetics of compromised teeth. Some of the cases in which crowns can help include; fractured teeth, chipped margins, metal fillings, gaps between teeth, shape and size discrepancies, visible signs of tooth wear, deformities of enamel and dentin, teeth that have undergone root canal treatments, or simply teeth that need cosmetic improvement.

At Dr Viken Garabedian DDS, we use high grade porcelain to fabricate our crowns so that they look and feel 100% natural in the patient’s mouth. They not only restore function, but also protect a structurally compromised and vulnerable tooth from further damage – thus preserving natural tissue. Crowns require tooth preparation prior to cementation and therefore anesthesia may be administered at the start of the treatment. Once the ideal amount of tooth has been trimmed down, an impression is taken and the matching shade is selected. Using these records, the technicians at the dental laboratory fabricate a crown and send it back to the clinic. It is then fixed on top of the tooth with the help of a strong cement. If you have a tooth that is structurally weak, or you’re not comfortable with the way it looks – you can book an appointment for dental crowning with our team of experts today!