The Treatment Coordinator

Gloved hand of dentist holding extracted tooth close-up.jpg

The dentist at the corporate office will do his diagnosis from the x-rays that are taken and a clinical exam and then make his diagnosis and create a treatment plan. These treatment plans tend to be aggressive with a lot of “uncovered” procedures under your insurance and other sorts of upsells. The dentist will not discuss the treatment plan with you most of the time because they will be wisked off to the next chair and because selling is not usually their strong point. The treatment coordinator is the individual who will come in after the dentist with the long list of things that need to be done and tell you what is covered by the insurance and what is not. This individual will quickly tell you what your out of pocket cost is going to be and simultaneously offer you payment plans and payment modalities. You will even be offered incentive discounts if you commit to having the work done there and then and accept to put it on your card or sign a note for a payment plan. Can you say “full court press” ? Corporate clinics tend to have large overheads and this beast needs to be fed all the time so treatment has to be aggressive to generate the income.