Dentistry in large Corporate Offices

As corporations acquire dental offices, they run them the only way they know… by the numbers. Now every business has to pay attention to their income and overhead but in the corporate world this happens on steroids. Each corporate dental office will need to meet certain income quotas and this is done by hiring a managing dentist who then has the responsibility of finding employee dentists who will produce for the office. Needless to say when you are an employee dentist working in this environment you are expected to make money for the office which means that speed of work and accuracy is of the essence. If the dental procedures are not done fast enough and your production numbers fall behind, you will lose your job.

So what happens if you are not happy with the way a filling came out or an impression of a crown was not to your liking or you did not like how a crown that came from the lab was fitting on the tooth. In this situation the employee dentist has a choice to make, either redo the work and not meet their production numbers or leave things alone by not redoing the filling or retaking the impression or cementing a sub-standard crown. I don’t think you would want the dentistry in your mouth done under those circumstances, but wait it gets better. On my next blog we will discuss your treatment coordinator.