Corporate Dentistry


Dentistry is going the way of the medical profession. Have you noticed how you cannot find any standalone internists anymore. Actually it has been so for several years now. All internists that had their private practices were forced to join one medical group or another. Nobody put a gun to the heads of the MDs to join groups but if they didn’t they would be left out in the cold because all their patients belonged to these large medical groups now. The large medical groups wanted to control costs so they established their own clinics and hospitals and employed their own doctors. The medical groups actually went out and bought up all the private practices from internists and specialists. Some MDs sold their practices and retired because they didn’t want to be part of corporate medicine and have treatment dictated on them by number crunchers, however the younger docs who were not ready to retire became employees of the groups once they sold their practices.

Well now dentistry is starting to experience the same thing. Wall street money is buying 50-100 dental offices at once and is running them like chains store dentistry. Some of these large dental groups you can tell because you recognize the names but others are offices bought but left in the name of the previous practicing dentist to avoid the stigma associated with factory style dentistry. These large corporate dental groups have a lot of money and are able to dominate searches on line by spending thousands of dollars therefore drowning out the single dentist offices, they are also always on the hunt to purchase dental offices to add to their portfolio.

How those this effect you ? We will discuss it in the next blog ☺